Monday, December 12, 2011

Capstone Project Work Report

I'm really proud of this project.  I definitely spent more time with this subject than I ever have before and I felt like I owned my project which is something I have never really felt before.  I got an early start, for which I'm thankful, and that allowed me to get a lot of great advice and opinions from others.

 The only thing that really aggravated me was the poor light in the kitchen and house shots that made my pictures  more noisy than I wanted them to be.  You can't really tell especially when you aren't holding them up to your face but it was something that really made editing tough.

If I could give advice to anyone else looking for a subject for a project, I would have to say it is to put yourself out there because you never know what could fall right into your lap.  If I wouldn't have approached this woman who knows what I would have ended up with for a project. 

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