Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30-Day Work in Progress

I have been lucky enough to spend three days with my subject.  The first day was just talking and the second and third days were following her through her day.  She's very bored and lonely throughout the day and I think you can see that in some of the shots. I am hoping that break will allow me to be with her at different times of the day to see more of what her day is really like.

Amanda spends a lot of time looking for jobs on the computer and submitting applications and resumes online.  She is also an avid couponer and plans every trip to the store down to the penny.  I have some shots of her preparing her list, sorting coupons and sorting her "free shelves."

Amanda also goes to the food pantry once a month for all food and once a week for bread and bakery products.  I went with her on her monthly trip and I ended up getting too many shots I liked, as you can see by the numerous pantry shots in my selects.

At the beginning of the story I really thought I wanted to do a multimedia piece.  Now that I've spend some time with her and have talked to her extensively about her situation, I really feel like I could write some amazing captions for these pictures.  I thought hearing her voice was what the story needed, but I have so many great quotes and tidbits from her life I really think I can explain it better with stills and extensive captions.


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